Character Motivation Generator

Click “Generate” to find inspiration for your character’s motivation.

What drives your character? What motivates them and influences the decisions they make in your story? Use this character motivation generator to help you decide.

Your character wants…


How to use a character motivation generator

Using this character motivation is simple. Just press the button that says “Generate” and the page will reload. The randomly generated character motivation will then be displayed below the button.

You can use the generator as many times as you like until you find a result that works well within your story.

Why use a character motivation generator?

A character motivation generator is useful if you’re struggling to decide what motivates a character in a story you’re creating. You don’t have use the randomly generated answers, but they can give you useful inspiration.

What is character motivation?

Motivation is what drives your character and influences the decisions they make in story. You can read more about character motivations and why they’re important in this blog.