The Best Work from Home Gifts to Improve a Home Office

If you’re looking for work from home gift ideas, then we have good news – there’s plenty to choose from!

Because there are so many good options, choosing gifts for people who work from home can be tricky. The right present should be well-suited for the individual, after all.

With a good work from home gift, it could also help remote workers excel at their jobs. But it doesn’t just have to be practical. It could help to boost morale, improve motivation, or even tangibly improve their health.

It doesn’t just have to be for Christmas or a birthday either – these gifts can be given at any time of the year to show your appreciation, your love, or to make the recipient smile! Check out this article for inspiration and advice for the best work from home gifts.

Virtual events and training

While some remote workers enjoy not being in office, others can find it quite isolating at times. Signing them up to a virtual event provides them an opportunity to socialise with others, without even needing to leave their home.

These could range from fun activities like online arts classes and cocktail making lessons, to sessions where they could develop their knowledge on topics by participating in webinars or virtual lectures.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for employees, you could even organise virtual team building activities for them to do together.

A laptop with a Zoom meeting in progress and a cup of coffee to the left.

Desk decorations and photos

Some work from home gifts don’t have to be complex or expensive. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most meaningful.

A framed picture is one of the most common accessories to brighten up a work desk, but they make very thoughtful gifts. A photograph of coworkers, friends, or loved ones can brighten anyone’s workspace.

There are also endless items of office desk decor that can be found on online marketplaces like Etsy. They can be very cute and affordable little presents.

Exercise equipment

Working at home all day can have an understated impact on physical health. The benefits of being on your feet walking around an office or as part of a daily commute is often taken for granted.

That’s why remote workers need to be especially conscious about fitting in time for exercise, and some gifts can make this even easier for them.

There are lots of different pieces of exercise equipment that make good gifts. They can be utilised as a part of different workout sessions, but some like resistance bands can even be used from the comfort of your desk. Here are a few top examples:

  • Yoga mat
  • Exercise ball
  • Free weights
  • Resistance bands
  • Hand grippers

Hot water bottles, slippers, and other cosy gear

When winter hits, knowing how to stay warm while working from home becomes an essential tool. There are plenty of tips and tricks to keep the cold out and the warmth in, but sometimes a perfect gift can make the biggest difference.

For example, a hot water bottle can make for an extremely cost–effective way for someone to keep themselves warm. Slippers can also make for a good gift. Depending on what one you pick, they could be stylish or silly, but they’ll also be practical!

Electric blankets can also make a big difference on the coldest days. If a remote worker doesn’t have one already, they’re sure to appreciate one!

Desk supplies and stationery

While the working world has committed more and more to digital tools, especially for those working from home, there’s still a need for good, old-fashioned paper and pen for note-taking.

But it doesn’t stop there. Many other items can also make for good gifts. These range from more practical options to funner choices:

  • Notepads and writing paper
  • Desk organisers
  • Fun post-it notes
  • Varieties of highlighters
  • Premium pens such as fountain pens

A good chair and desk

If you want to find a bigger present for a remote worker, then look no further than the fundamental elements of a home office: a chair and a desk.

While anyone working from home will have a usable setup already, there’s often plenty of room for improvement. A good, ergonomic chair can be a difficult investment for some people to justify, which is why it makes such a good gift. It’s good for posture too, so the recipient will be thanking you if they’ve been making do with a cheap chair.

If you want to buy a desk as a gift, you’ll of course need to make sure it’s going to fit first! But if you’re going with this idea, you should try to find an adjustable desk which can give the recipient the optimum ergonomic support.

Monitors and other computer equipment

A new desk and chair can make a world of difference for someone working from home, but so can new hardware for their home office setup.

If they don’t already have one, a monitor is close to necessary for most homeworkers. If they do have a monitor, they might still appreciate another screen!

Other equipment can also be very appreciated, such as a nice keyboard and mouse.

Other electricals

Along with making sure they have all the necessities, other electricals can also make good gifts. For example, a nice set of headphones can become an everyday necessity for some home workers. Noise-cancelling ones are even better if someone has noisy neighbours!


Some subscription services are underrated as gift options. There are many out there that people wouldn’t consider as good presents, but even the more common ones will be appreciated. For example, everyone will make good use of a Spotify subscription.

Tea, coffee, and other drinks

Some drinks, especially non-perishables, make great gifts. Making a cup of tea or coffee provides a good excuse for a break while working, so having an extra special brew makes those breaks even nicer.

Interesting snacks

Along with a nice drink, sometimes it’s important to have treats as well. Whether it’s chocolates, biscuits, or any other type of snack, try to pick something that you know the recipient will really like.

Having a long shelf life is also a big bonus to look out for when picking out a gift.

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Software and apps

Certain apps or pieces of software make for great gifts. These can range from fun games to useful tools for their work or everyday life.

Finding the right app can even unlock new interests and hobbies. For example, Fog of World is a great way to get people exploring their local neighbourhood and getting out for walks more. 

These are also useful as presents that don’t require paying postage or worrying about the recipient needing to be at home to take in a parcel.

Houseplants and flowers

A bit of greenery can have a massive impact on livening-up someone’s home office. It can even have a tangible impact on improving their well-being.

Plants also give people something to look after, and if watering becomes part of a routine it can contribute to making them feel productive.

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